Our Investment in Technology

Welford Engineering’s move into its new corporate offices in 2008 ushered in a new era in professional services to our clients. Mr. Welford specifically had the facility designed to accommodate the technological demands of a growing engineering firm and its clients. By leading the local market in the latest technology, Welford Engineering is able to attract the best and most talented professionals, to develop the most creative solutions for our clients’ projects, and to provide rapid turnaround time to client requests.

Our facility is one of only a few in the region that has committed to fiber optic internet technology in an office environment. Our business operates at lightening fast download speeds of 30mb/sec and upload speeds of 15mb/sec. All work stations are connected to a centralized server bank so that project data is seamlessly shared between our engineers, production resources, and other team consultants. Our server backbone connects each staff member to a centralized reproduction facility that houses large format color plotters, a large format high speed printer for production printing, several color laser printers and a high speed laser and document production center. This technology enables staff to create, produce and reproduce full size construction plan sets without leaving their workstation.

Welford Engineering also built a multi-purpose conference room with a 58” high-definition monitor connected to a PC and the internet to serve as a training and web conferencing facility. This configuration accommodates webinars, video-conference calls, and collaborative design meetings where an entire team may assemble to view project data in high definition.





Welford Engineering continues to enhance its technical competence by adding new and emerging technologies to its arsenal of tools such as 3-dimensional modeling with SketchUp. This additional modeling service enables clients to visualize, from all angles, how their proposed building, parking layout, landscape design, and storm water management facility will sit on their particular property. This in turn facilitates a better understanding of the conceptual plan before moving forward with final site plans and construction documents.


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